Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's Do the Numbers ....

22: number of laps around deck that equal a mile.

115: boats within a mile, per AIS.

17: boats in our slip right now.

19: cranes I can see from the wheelhouse. In the dark. And not including any on boats.

49,000: feet of new wire and cabling required to convert a 172’ crewboat to DP-1.

26: days until crew change.

15-20: wind speed in knots, out of the south right now.

25-30: wind speed in knots, out of the northwest when the front passes through shortly.

4-6: significant wave height in feet, out to 20 nautical miles.

2: number of mooring lines on the northwest side of the boat after I doubled them up.


  1. Welcome to the wild west, hope to see you around the slip, we just got back in.