Monday, April 22, 2013

It's All Good

I have a songwriter friend who sometimes says from stage: "If somebody tells you it's all good, he's either a liar or he's just not paying attention."

But, really, six days into the new job and all I can say is: it's all good.

Corporate culture really does have an impact on employee satisfaction (which you can bet, in turn, impacts customer satisfaction) and this company appears to have the best culture of any I've run across out here so far.

It's not just the pay and benefits, but also an atmosphere of respect for the individual employee.

Because we have quite a few boats working out of Fourchon, I've had the opportunity to meet a few of the other captains.

Without exception they have good things to say about their year, four years, 14 years working here. Even the guy who just got demoted from lead on one boat to second on another for some unnamed infraction of the rules.

The boat itself is fine; plenty of muscle, but docile. No surprises on how she handles.

We haven't been terribly busy so far. I've made a couple of long runs out to the Eugene Island 330 field, where I worked production two boats ago.

It happened that my old boat came to the platform we were working and I got to see and talk with a couple of my buddies. They were even kind enough to throw across a cooler of fresh lemon fish.

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