Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Comfort Level: Increasing

Well, a couple of months into this thing and I now know a couple of ways to do each of the things I’m asked to do out here. I can hold the boat at a platform with a high degree of confidence and can show the new guy which valves to open or close to pump water and fuel.

I’ve even figured-out how to tell a platform boss, crane operator or dispatcher “no” when asked to do something I don’t think is safe.

I’ve made a few mistakes, dealt with a couple of minor emergencies, and the field is still pumping, the boat’s still afloat and no one’s dead.

The learning hasn’t stopped, and I haven’t faced all (probably not even most) of the situations that will crop-up. And with the exception of one week, the weather has been pretty benign. I suspect winter will be a whole ‘nuther ballgame.

The work of getting this boat “turned around” continues.

Getting a stable, steady crew onboard will help. I think we’re almost there.

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