Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Just lately we’ve been trying to knock out a few projects on the boat every day. Today was spotlight day: the aft light was frozen in place, and the forward light on the starboard side was dim and diffuse.

A lot of elbow grease, some actual grease, a few power tools and a little ingenuity later, Bill had the aft light operational.

My job was easier – I just replaced the mirror and cleaned the inside of the housing on the faltering forward light. While on top of the wheelhouse, I fixed a broken antenna mount (we have 11 antennas atop the boat – but so far as we can tell, only nine electronic appliances requiring antennas … guess we need to trace those wires at some point) and began polishing our air horns.

I replaced a couple of deck lights and we tested all the high-water alarms, as well.

Yesterday we tested all the engine alarms (oil pressure, gear lube pressure, water temp), replaced two sending units and rewired one control box. We also made up two new 80-ft. mooring lines, spliced and whipped.

Meanwhile, the deckhand on the night shift has been grinding and painting on deck – a process I intend to continue on the next hitch, beginning at the top of the mast.

Well before we go to the shipyard for our Coast Guard hull inspection in November, everything we can reach should be good to go. The shipyard will take care of the hull – which badly needs a couple of fresh coats of paint.

A lot of this is deferred maintenance, and some of it is just the sort of stuff that we need to do periodically. One thing I’m sure of is that we’ll never run out of things to do – this is, after all, a boat.

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