Sunday, June 24, 2012

There's a Storm a'Coming

Debby is making her way northward and westward across the Gulf of Mexico, and today we began evacuating non-essential personnel from a couple of the fields off Morgan City, Louisiana.

Seas this week were running 6-8 feet; not impossible to work in, but not very comfortable, either. If they don't send us back out, and it doesn't pour on us, we may have a couple of days with a clear deck. That means it's painting time.

God (not to mention our port captain) knows this boat needs it.

At watch change today, the other captain on the boat offered to take over as I was backing up to a platform.

"I don't mind doing this one," I said, "Unless I'm scaring you."

"You ain't scaring me," he replied. "You're doing real good. You really come around okay."

Of course my first thought then was that such praise made it nearly inevitable I'd smack the platform.

I didn't, and the positive reinforcement was welcome -- especially coming from a 30-year crewboat veteran.

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