Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Debby does Florida

Well, Debby apparently decided on Florida, and what we thought would be a couple of valuable days at the dock with clear deck space (valuable because we would be able to get some painting done) ended abruptly when our customer called us back out to stand by in a field about 30 miles farther inshore (and 200 feet shallower) than the one we usually work.

It’s crowded here. Platforms and satellites everywhere Lots of bugs and birds, too, which we don’t see too much of out at the edge of the shelf.

Because a lot of these little satellites don’t have helipads on them, the guys in this field move around by boat a lot more. I accomplished my first six swing rope (think Tarzan with a hard hat)  personnel transfers in a side sea and 3-knot current today and only smacked one platform. No damage, thankfully.

Tomorrow sometime, certainly not before the field boss wakes up and maybe not until the end of the day, we’ll head in. As soon as my relief arrives, I head home. Anxious to see my boys and long-suffering spouse, wear flip-flops and sleep in a bed I can really stretch out in.

But, I’m also not dreading coming back to work. It’s not always fun, but it’s usually interesting and the rest of this crew has been good company so far.

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