Saturday, September 1, 2012

Other Boats

I'm no ship spotter, but I do sometime snap pics of other boats whose paths we cross. Here are a few:
Ms Anna Mae, a C&G crewboat.

Wateree, a crewboat owned by South Carolina-based Starfleet.


American Constitution, a dive boat.

Ricky P. Cavalier, a 148-foot utility boat leased to Gulf Logistics.
Candy Counter, outbound in the Atchafalya (and in the rain).
Spud barge and pushboat westbound below Bayou Boeuf Lock.
 Miss Peggy Ann.
Take a Break, a pretty cool floating camp.
Emily G., out of the  Bayou Bouef Lock.
Luke Thomas, a pretty cool little DP dive boat.
 Blue Bill, a little break bulk freighter that's been on the dock forever.
 Utility boats stacked in the yard in Larose.
 Mr. Colby, a Gulf Logistics utility boat.

Betty G., a 110' utility boat. Typical of the "G Boats" once ubiquitous in the GoM. We're about to stern up to her to pass a package.

Mr. Blake, an Iberia Marine Services crewboat.
Lady Eve, another IMS boat.

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